“We have stopped reading, we have not the time. Our mind is solicited simultaneously from too many sides: it has to be spoken to quickly as it passes by. But there are things that cannot be said or understood in such haste, and these are the most important things for man. This accelerated movement, which makes coherent thought impossible, may alone be sufficient to weaken, and in the long run utterly to destroy, human reason.”

– Felicite de Lamennais (1782-1854)

Outside the haste of my accelerated life, this is a place for me to slow down and wander. It started with the idea that artists receive so much unwanted advice, and like anyone with an embarrassment of riches, I should give some back. But more and more, it has evolved into a space where I can think out loud with the help of the great thinkers and poets, and perhaps there is a song or two that echoes within someone else’s heart.

In the end, just like my favorite art; it is not for anything.


I try to post every week, barring writer’s block, cramps (in my fingers), some occasional fasting from technology, or any unforeseen obstacle. Therefore, I post about once a month.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. so good to see good reading being passionately pursued. encourages my own hours that often feel quite solitary. thanks!

  2. i’ve commended you for the “Day-Dreamer Award” – thanks for your work!

  3. kudos – again thanks for your work

    • Wow, thank you again for your generous appreciation. It so happens you are one of a very very few blogs i read, and appreciate the rigorous thought and craft in your work, not to mention the resonance with your philosophical framework.

  4. so consistently significant – thanks

  5. In the end, just like my favorite art; it is not for anything.
    I like this sentence for me to keep.
    I’ll add for myself, In the end, just like my favorite art; it is not for anything or anyone, it is for me.

    • Shelly Saunders said:

      “…It is for me.”
      Yes! So seldom do we create for the sake of creation. For our own pleasure or passion or pain.

  6. I just red a few of your recent posts and I’m impressed by its deep and complex thoughts. Seeing forward to get the next updates. best wishes, Michael

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