Apparently people are wondering from where this blog idea sprang, if indeed my email wasn’t hacked and by reading this you won’t get life long spams for Cialis.

The other day I attended my undergraduate college’s professional club’s new event: A Mentor/Mentee Career Advancement Program. Since I don’t have a career that I can discern, I decided maybe I could be paired up with a mentor who would help me.

At the event, I was introduced to a group of engineers, finance professionals, young and old entrepreneurs, internet specialists and a linguist (all uncannily into sustainability).  Surprisingly there wasn’t another artist. Sort of — you can cite my earlier post about art and solitude.

But the diverse group agreed that maybe there are specific interests that people can pair up around, even if on face the careers are vastly different. So people went around a circle introducing what they know and what they need help with. At the end, an uptight educator said, why don’t we just let people find each other based on those introductions, and the group quickly dispersed and reformed dyads, except for me alone, inching my way awkwardly towards the snack table.

The group organizer, another entrepreneur, saw me having an involved career discussion with the snack tray, took pity, and asked me more about what I was looking for. I said I was an artist with lots of potential directions blah blah blah. He stopped me and said, you know what, you need to make yourself a self-appointed guru of something. Seriously? Yes, he said, and he stated his serious reasons why, and I laughed crumbs of crackers into the air. I then changed the subject and then eventually went home. What would an entrepreneur who has sold two companies know about me? I hate unwanted advice.

Today’s Advice: Find a way to make your work about sustainability.